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Create shareable and embeddable forms that just work.

Deftform is a form builder that lets you create forms that are quick, easy to set up and simply work. Collect unlimited responses, use a custom domain, custom styles and more.

trusted by 160+ customers
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Clean and intuitive

Both the admin panel as well as the public, shared forms are clean and intuitive.

Simple pricing

Pay as you go, or choose lifetime. No subscription, no hidden costs.

Easy customization

Stay on-brand by adding a custom domain, logo and custom styles to public forms.

Full backups every 12 hours
99.9% uptime guarantee
Made in Germany

A clean and modern form builder that gets the job done.

No gimmicks and no complicated interface. You will instantly know where to click and what to do.

We keep Deftform as slim as possible, while offering everything you need to create simple and shareable forms. You also don't have to worry about yet another subscription, as Deftform only offers two simple pricing options: prepaid / pay as you go, and lifetime. The choice is yours.

Work in a team and bring as many as you have. Seriously.

Platforms charging on a per-user basis is very common. Deftform is different. We do not charge on a per-user basis, which basically means your team can be as big as you need without ever having to pay more.

It's the perfect solution for growing teams. And don't worry, we're not going to change our mind about that. All of our platforms include unlimited team members.

Create shareable forms with various field types and different options.

Create a short survey and reward your users with a discount code after filling out the form.

Or use Deftform to create a waiting list for your next project, a form for job applications, lead capture, demo requests and so much more.

Create your first form

Stay on-brand. Use custom colors, a custom domain, custom texts and much more.

Each form can have a different appearance. You can create as many styles as you want and assign them to any form.

Add your own domain, something like, and share it with your audience however you want. You can customize almost all texts, in any language you want.

Our admin backend is available in light and dark mode.

Sounds good, I'm in

There is no one-size-fits-all, and we won't even try it.

We want to provide a good balance between having too many features and too few features. Deftform brings all you need to get the job done and even a bit more.

Unlimited responses.
Collect as many responses as you can get.
Custom domains.
Use your own domain to share forms with your audience.
Custom styles.
Create custom form styles and reuse them across your account.
Team management.
Work in a team and invite as many people as you have.
File uploads.
Allow users to upload files with a limit of 50 MB per file, no storage limit.
Custom "Thank you" pages.
Customize the thank you page or redirect elsewhere.
Webhook and email notifications.
Receive a notification when a form was completed.
Captcha protection.
Protect your forms with reCAPTCHA v3 or math logic.
And much more.
Explore all features by signing up to Deftform today.

Gain some insights with visitor and response stats.

Insights are available as global statistics, measuring all forms across an account. They are also available on a per-form basis for a more detailed view. Not enough? Simply add your own analytics and measure additional insights with the tool of your choice.

Share and embed however you like.

You created a form, now what? Share it! Either share the public link to your form on social media, in newsletters, from your website or practially anywhere you can create links. Or let your users fill out the form directly on your website by embedding it via a simple script.

Lots of use-cases

Just look at this embedded form. It's perfect for a quick survey to get a sense of overall customer satisfaction (CSAT). You could also use embedded forms for newsletter sign-ups, for a waitlist, or for feature requests. There are just so many possibilities, explore them.

And yes, you can remove the "Powered by Deftform" backlink. Check our FAQ section below.
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“We started using Deftform while in private beta and are really happy with it. We use it for customer surveys and feedback collection after launching a project. Perfect tool so far.”

Nico Tjarks
Homepage Helden GmbH
220+ Forms created
640+ Formfields added
5200+ Responses collected
99.8% Happy customers


Choose a package that's right for you.

Only pay for what you need, or go for lifetime. No subscription, no add-ons.

Pay as you go

€3 / per form *

  • Unlimited responses
  • 3 workspaces included
  • Custom domain
  • Team management
  • File uploads
  • Payments via Stripe soon
  • Custom "Thank you" pages
  • Webhook and email notifications
  • Direct HubSpot connection
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€229 €189 / one-time

  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited responses
  • 3 workspaces included
  • Custom domain
  • Team management
  • File uploads
  • Payments via Stripe soon
  • Custom "Thank you" pages
  • Webhook and email notifications
  • Direct HubSpot connection
  • Reduced bookkeeping
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Prices are in EUR and exclude VAT. During checkout, the final price will be shown inclusive of VAT and in your local currency. Invoices are issued by our merchant of record. * Forms can only be purchased in bulk quantities of 5.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on servers in Germany. All servers are regularly updated with security patches (whenever available) and maintenance updates.

Can I be notified when a form was submitted?

Yes, we support email notifications on a per-form basis. You can also receive a webhook notification and connect to any third-party platform via Zapier, Make or whatever you prefer. Simply use our webhook notification to create a custom workflow after a form was submitted.

Can I remove the "Powered by" backlink

Yes, but not by default. Having a backlink to Deftform is important for us to spread the word about our platform. But we understand that some customers don't want this "Powered by" visible on their forms.

The backlink can be removed from all forms within one account for a one-time payment of €7,50.

What payment methods do you offer?

We use a merchant of record, basically as reseller of our software, so we don't have to deal with all the tax regulations. They support credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

Do you offer support?

Yes. We try our best to answer support tickets as soon as possible. To get in touch with us, you may contact us via email at or via in-product chat. We speak English and German. Since we're located in Germany (timezone CET), support times may vary depending on where you are.

Can I request a feature?

Of course. We appreciate any kind of feedback, feature request or bug report. We provide a link to our feedback board for logged in customers.

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